Tuesday, July 28, 2009

American Stereotypes

According to an article of Cross-Cultural Contact with Americans, “stereotypes are exaggerated beliefs and images about groups of people and are often based on a lack of information or contact”. Stereotypes can be good; also, it can help at the moment of making differences between cultures, however, in some cases, people just use stereotypes as the basis of their knowledge.
In my opinion, there are a lot of stereotypes about de American culture, or even, the American people. For me, Americans are, first of all, perfectionists; they always try to make things as awesome as they can, looking for perfection. This stereotype is the one that, as I think, has allow the American people, to have a society so organized, stable, and that follows the rules.
Secondly, I think that Americans are always looking for comfort, it is important to mention, that it is good, for the society, because it allows to make things easier, but, in the other hand, this stereotypes is one of the reasons why every time that I think in American food, I think of something plastic, and made in the microwave.
Due to the fact that Americans are always trying not to establish differences between races, in my opinion, they increase this thought of racism even more when they do this, because it is, for me, try to make two, or three or even more different groups of races, that are non native from America, giving themselves the importance of being Americans.
Finally, in every society are stereotypes, however, there is a lot of people in, for example, the United States, so everyone is different, and probably, they are not all like what is commonly thought about Americans.

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